Exchange Traded Options and Hedging

As a full-service stockbroking firm, DJ Carmichael offers a wide range of services, tools and advice that may help you profit or protect yourself from all possible market movements.

Exchange Traded Options (ETOs), when used appropriately, facilitate many useful portfolio or trading outcomes including:

  • Portfolio insurance strategies
  • Risk management techniques
  • Increased yield on blue-chip holdings
  • Profit from having a view on where you believe a stock will not trade
  • Profit from falling, range bound or sideways trading markets
  • Increased exposure to underlying stocks or indices with limited risk

Should you be interested in exploring how ETOs may benefit you, please feel free to contact Andrew Cox on 08 9263 5237 or email.

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Andrew Cox

Investment Adviser/Accredited Derivatives Adviser

Andrew is a Senior Investment Adviser specialising in both equity and derivative/option investment strategies.

Having joined DJ Carmichael in 1999, Andrew has over 15 years of experience in providing advice, solutions and execution for: Retail clients, Family Offices, Fund Managers, High Net Worth individuals and Market Makers.

Together with his unique focus on low risk - high return strategies, Andrew has earned a reputation for reliability, efficiency and building lasting relationships that help deliver financial goals.