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Acceptable Forms of Identification

Application to Open an Account

Formal Application to open an Individual, Joint or Company Account. This form also includes a client profile section. To best service your requirements, DJC needs to understand your goals, objectives and financial profile. The information you provide will enable DJC to tailor its services to your requirements. You must, as a minimum complete the risk profile and investment objectives.

Change of Address

Change of Sponsoring Broker

If you already have a CHESS Sponsoring Broker or if you hold shares which are sponsored by the issuing company and you would like us to act as your CHESS Sponsoring Broker in respect of the securities held through your existing sponsor, then you should also complete the form entitled Chess Sponsorship Application.

Chess Sponsorship Application Form

To get the most out of your account, CHESS sponsorship is ideal, allowing central management of all your holdings.

Client Cheque or Direct Transfer Request Form

Please use this form should you require a cheque or direct transfer from your trading account.

Client Profile Form

It is very important that the information we have about clients is complete and accurate, so we can appropriately tailor our advice to meet the needs of the client. Please use this form to advise DJ Carmichael of a change in the circumstances, investment objectives or risk profile of an account.

Electronic Authorisation Form

Authority for DJ Carmichael Pty Limited to contact the client via email or SMS.


To trade Exchange Traded Options (ETOs), you must complete this form, the Product Disclosure Statement and read the Understanding Options booklet prior to any transactions.

Financial Services Guide

The Financial Services Guide outlines the services we offer and the costs for utilising those services. A copy of the Financial Services Guide of Pershing Securities Australia Pty Limited, the market participant through which DJ Carmichael transacts on ASX Limited and Chi-X Australia Pty Ltd, is also included.

Macquarie Bank Third Party Authority Form

Elect to settle your buy and sell transactions via your Macquarie Cash Management Account. Please complete this form and return to our office.

Overseas Resident Declaration

Required if you wish to receive the exemption from Goods and Services Tax due to being an overseas resident, and you are overseas when we provide the services to you.

Payment Instruction Authorisation - Overseas Bank TT

Payment Instruction Authorisation - TRF within Australia

Pershing Direct Debit Form

Form to set up a direct debit.

Pershing Income Direction Form (CHESS Sponsored clients only)

Sell Only Once Off Accounts

If you simply wish to sell some shares, complete this form and fax/scan a copy of your driver's licence.

Tax File Number (CHESS Sponsored clients only)

By signing this declaration you agree to DJ Carmichael Pty Limited retaining your tax file number on file for quotation to share registries and product providers.

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of opening an account with DJ Carmichael Pty Limited.

Third Party Authorisation

Should you require someone outside of the designated signatories to your account, authorised to operate your account, then this form must be completed.

Warrant Agreement

To trade Warrants, you must complete this form, the Addendum Risk Disclosure form and read the Understanding Options booklet prior to any transactions.